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Harry Miller road cars 1928 & 1932


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Harry Miller, who was best known for his Indy 500 racing cars, made 2 special cars for road use. Here are the details that I have about them:<P>1. 1928 - roadster powered by a 5,080cc V8<BR>engine, and 4 wheel drive. The car was built<BR>for Californian sportsman Phillip Chancellor<P>2. 1932 - roadster powered by a supercharged<BR>4,965 V16 engine, and 4 wheel drive. The car<BR>was built for New York diplomat William A Burden.<P>Does anybody know any more about these vehicles, and do both cars still survive?

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There was a book published in your country under the title " sixteen cylinders motorcars<BR>about twenty years ago. I have it in some crate in my storage that will not be opened for the next two years...<BR>The book is dealing mainly with Cadillac and Marmon but there is a whole chapter on the formidable 16 Miller, with plenty of pictures

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