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FS: 1973 Buick Electra Custom - 30K Miles!

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I am selling my 1973 Buick Electra Custom 4Dr. Hardtop with 30K original miles. <span style="font-weight: bold">NO RUST AT ALL!!!</span> I bought this car early last year from a 91 yr. old man in Wisconsin and was just blown away by the originality. This Electra received it's first tune up last year with all new belts, radiator hoses, cap/rotor/plugs, reproduction date-coded spark plug wires, carb. clean/rebuild and new exhaust manifold gaskets. I still have the original date-coded belts and all the other original parts that were removed! The PCV still had the tag on it from the factory!

I had the original single outlet exhaust removed (still have the parts) and replaced with SS magnaflow dual exhaust, bent to the original specifications.

The interior seats are like new with beige/fawn fabric that has been covered with clear plastic since they were new (I removed the plastic covers for last year's car show season. They will be included with the car). The interior has no rips, tears, snags, etc... even the foam doesn't show any wear. The door panels, dash, steering wheel, carpet are in as new condition. Brown rubber Buick tri-shield floor mats in excellent condition.

The Medium Brown Metallic exterior paint is mostly original and still holds the shine well. The only part needing touch-up would be on the passenger doors where the first owner rubbed up against the garage wall. The area has been repaired many years ago and is starting to show. Even though the passenger door guards still look like new, they were slightly flattened and a newer set from a low mile Electra will be included. The Sandlewood vinyl top is also like new with no stains, peeling or breakdown of the foam underlayment. The chrome is the brightest and pit-free/damage free I have seen since my Dad brought home his new Electra in 1973. The rubber on the bumpers and all the weatherstripping is in excellent condition.

Mechanically, this Electra drives as you would expect a new 1973 Electra would. The 455 engine runs great with no hesitation, all the power accessories (windows, steering, brakes) work as they should with the exception of the climate controlled A/C. The original A/C pressure hoses were installed with a factory defect (tiny perforated marks in the rubber) and do not hold a charge. Heat and fan controls do work. The shocks are original with dealer installed air shocks in the rear. The original Uniroyal bias-ply tires are still in perfect condition and the spare/jack have never been out of the trunk. Steering is excellent, car drives straight and true. Good brake pedal travel and plenty of meat left on the pads/shoes. I wouldn't hesitate taking this car cross-country.

Probably more that I am forgetting... please email me with your questions/requests for pictures to legg1220@yahoo.com . I will try and post some pictures here later tonight.<span style="font-weight: bold">[sEE PICS. BELOW]</span>

Oh yeah... asking $9,000.



Pictures as promised...







That's all I had on file. I can post more as I take them and send by email upon request.

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Do you have to get under it and hit the starter motor with a hammer when it's hot? Had one, been there, kept hammer in the trunk just in casr. Used it oftn before finallly sold it. 13 miles per gallon. Rode like floating on a cloud. Beautiful car even today.

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Nope haven't had that happen. My dad used to a Limited model in the mid 70's and can't say his did that either. I haven't known these cars to be anything other than a fine cruiser, especially for long distance trips!

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