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Where can find the VIN?

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Hello Robert,the VIN is not on a plate as the new cars are,the motor number and the VIN should be the same if it has the original motor,the Vin is on the frame by the front suspension,looking down in the engine compartment look at the upper control arm on the drivers side,it is stamped on the top of the frame rail,you will have to scrape some rust and gook to see it?on the motor look at the left side in behind the head on the area where the bellhousing bolts to the blockthe numbers will be stamped in there,scraping with a wire brush may help,depending on the dirt or gook in there,both numbers are easy to see once you know where to look,on the firewall on the drivers side should be a aluminum tag,that tells the series and color and body number,that has no numbers that line up with the Vin.on the pass side was a tag from GM that was for patents? HTH Harvey B

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Hello Robert,if you post the numbers on the body tag i can tell you what they mean,also your title numbers should match up with the motor number or frame number,is this car one you bought,are going to sell,or maybe part out,if you are parting it out i may be interested in some parts,or maybe you know of another parts car in your area? thanks Harvey B

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