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TC Nationals May4-7 Tucson, Who's Going?

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Hey Alan,

I've been reading your messages, and I know what the problem is: you have been hanging out with that guy from Florida. Anyone that owns TCs and Donzis has to be a bad influence. Listen carefully to Grampa, He is gonna get you drinking and all kinds of bad things will happen. ha,ha,ha..

Have a Ball, Lou

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Yep, we're roughing it here, weather is not too hot (For Tucson anyway, it's a 'dry heat' like 95 degrees ;)) Never too far from the Buffet or the bar, and most of all, lots of activities with the TC's cool.gif The show/tech portions are today so a bunch of brake accumulators and fuel lines are being replaced and whatever other maintanence items that can happen here (in the shade of the tents of course :)) We just happen to locate the guy with the key to the previously cordoned off 'showground area' I took a pic of the first TC to uh, sneak in there whistle.gif






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We made history at the Tucson meet, even the 'old timers' can't remember 6 of the 5 speed/DOHC TC's at any other meet. So we took some pics at our Birmingham's 16V Owners insistance wink.gif Oh yeah, he also won best of show judged, best of show peoples choice, long distance award and a couple others... Red car in the pic. Way to go Mark, see you in Florida cool.gif




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