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Need some help for a good buddy

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My good friend in Germany, Schoppi, Is struggling with the restoration of his '36 Z sedan, and he just wrote me this;

Hi Rolf.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I just looked everywhere in my archiv, but I know, that I didn´t have the catalogue from LeBaron.

Also at the page you scanned and sent me from the parts, there is nothing to see. Sorry.

Here the letter I sent to LeBaron last week.

Probably the line didn´t work or the fax was out of order.

I´ll try it again

I´ll also talk to Harry the next days about yout parts.

For the other parts I first have to see a sample. To reproduce them would not be a great difficulty.

Best regards from Bavaria


I am going to have to make a pic of the drawing he sent, as it would not copy, but what he needs are the pockets that the skirt prongs fit in to, and the upholstery board part with a hole in the center of a flat plate with 4 little sharp points that stick in to the board, anyone found any of these? Or skirt pockets? Thanks a lot, rolf@got.net

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Guest imported_V12Bill


]I don't think that the clip retainers for the door trim boards are available anymore. I used the wire clips that are used to hold on the stainless outside trim. Punch a hole in the trim board and insert the wire clip. The clips vary in length, so experiment to find the right size. To hold them in place after the upolstery is on I used duct tape over the outside of the clip and under the upolstery. Hope this works for your friend and anyone else that needs to hold the door trim in place.

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