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A Real Blast from the Past

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Check this out!!

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From: Michael Lynch

To: rolf burdett

Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2008 12:00 PM

Subject: 1941 Continental

Rolf - Thanks for the latest help/info on the LZ website.

Since I (too) cannot figure out how to post pics on this site, I am sending you this. It fits MOST of your hobbies - jazz, '41 history and Lincolns. See if you can identify this guy in his brand-new Continental. AND, WHAT'S WITH THE "WINGS" AT THE GRILLE FRONTS??

Michael Lynch

WOW, great Pic Mike, it has California plates, just like my son's Z. An awful lot of pilots bought Connies, aesthetic appeal I guess, this guy may have been one, and those plaques on the grille his outfit, I will put it on the forum if it is OK, and we will see if Phil or someone can ID them by blowing it up, The street scene looks like NY to me, maybe San Francisco, I don't recall a Broadway in SF, but the "Life with Father" billboard has it as part of the address, like NY. I don't think the crowd had gathered just to look at the Connie, but can see no other reason than waiting to see the show to start at the Empire theater, and imagine Anita O'Day singing "Let me Off Uptown" on the radio,. love it!! Rolf-


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