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Rear seal conversion kit

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Hey everyone, two questions. First back 20 years ago I had my V12 rebuilt and went with the Earle Brown rear seal conversion kit. It never really cured the rear main leak, but it was acceptable. I had to pull the pan down to check the rod bearings for noise. I'm about to put it back together and was wondering if anyone has an opinion about this upgrade. Also has anyone used the graphite rope seal available thru Egge Machine or Best Gasket? Any info will help. Of course I know that I can't undo the removal of the oil slinger. But has anyone had this conversion work. Thanks George.

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Hey George, there has been a lot of baloney sliced about this topic forever, all of the early Fords Mercs and Lincolns used the slinger system for a long long time, and they seldom leak much oil until the engine and main bearings wear enough to have end-play in the crankshaft, and that is deadly for a slinger, the Y-block Fords and L's in '54 went to the rope seals, which wear out, and drip oil constantly, but some like them better, right V-12 Bill?? So the controversey rages on. I think a poll of who likes which would be interesting, if such a thing should happen cast my vote for the slinger, and new main bearings and new 6335 and 6336's when needed-

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