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Color on 47 Continental

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HI;My poor car is badly in need of new paint!It is a dark green,I see on Ebay one that looks the same color!It is called Country Club Green!Is that a Lincoln color or just someones idea of nice name.It does look like mine!I see someone here said they went to Ford for the actual build sheet for there car which would give original colors etec,How do I do that??Mine has that lite green dash,I hate it,have seen many cars that color too.Thanks for the help!!

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Thanks Jeff Would guess that is mine.a very dark green color!Need to find a painter out here in Yuma that paints for reasonable cost,Shops are so expensive maybe find somoene who works on own,just want nice paint not a show car,wrong engine etc so not critical to be exactly correct!Will never be a 100 point show car!!Thanks

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