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johnny cigars

bumper fillers 85 riv looking for best

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hello i'm looking for some advice on bumper fillers. can anyone tell me the best type or the best place to buy. my 85 riv is a convertible with a turbo motor, only 47 in production so i want the best. these are the last things i need. thank you to all.

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I'd give a try in the Buick forum down the main page. I'm sure they'll be able to help you. Your post will get lost in the garage forum.

Good luck with the search.

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Guest pfloro

Hello johnny cigars:

For my 1984 Toronado, I bought a complete set of front & rear

bumper fillers from Autorifix

They will be installed by the shop when the car is painted in about a month.

The quality of the reproductions look very good. I won't know the exactness

of the fit until they are installed. Unlike the original flexible urethane fillers,

these repros are <span style="font-weight: bold">rigid ABS plastic</span>. I sense that one must use care in fitting them

as they can be broken if flexed too much.

I bet that only one company reproduces these fillers and a number of folks

sell them...

Good Luck,


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