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Instrument restoration

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I am in need of someone to retore the faces of my instrument panel display (speedometer, etc). The paint has peeled away inside the glass. I have a 1940 LC Cabriolet. Who is recomended to do this type of work? I am also looking for someone to gold plate the rims around them. Any suggestions there would be appreciated, too. Thank you.

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Hey Mike,

You may want to check with Earle Brown as I bought brass rims for the instruments in my 41 LC. Not sure if he has them still, but a quick buff and a clearcoat and you would be good to go for that gold look.

Thanks for the refferal Boz, that's next up for my car as well, I see a lot of vendors advertised in Hemmings, but it is always good to have a refferal from a known source.


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Hey you Connie guys, '40 nd '41 have the same speedo and all the same instruments, except the ammeter, '41, and the battery condition guage, '40, the bezels, backgrounds, and color on the guages are all the same, and seem to be the basic '40 instruments, which discolor badly, and can be a real problem to restore, I have been fooling around with a bunch of marginal '40 guages I have, no clear solution yet-

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