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40 lincoln continental cabriolet fenders skirts

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No Zoot, great name from the past, welcome, the fenders and skirts for a Z and a Connie are quite a bit different as many have sadly found out when trying to interchange them, but there is a ready market for both, so a trade should be pretty easy. The connie pieces are slightly longer where they bolt to the body, and where the skirts fit-

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Zoot, E-pay is notorious for mis-information, you might measure the inner opening of your Z fender, then ask the seller to measure the outer rim of his skirt, and see how they compare, if the difference is less than an inch or so, it may well be a Zephyr skirt, I have a left hand Z skirt that I have been meaning to repair, but I never seem to get to it, where are you located?-

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