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Windshield Wiper Tower cogs now available

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To help in the repair of the wiper tower assy, we have made up the cog on the base where the chains attach. These often have one of the ears or the tab where it links to the linking arm broken off . These work well however you simply attach with a screw to the linking arm vs. the original ball joint.




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Looks like nice stuff, Chris.

May I suggest that, to facilitate quicker downloads for those of us dinosaurs still running dial-up connections, that you resize your photos to 640x480 resolution .jpg files.

Try to avoid using bitmaps - they're *WAY* too big. 640x480 resolution files will display directly following the text and will not require extra space in the message.

I have found that the only way to be sure to include a description on your photos is to insert the description *BEFORE* browsing and adding the photos.



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Hey Chris, looks like you are setting about to reproduce the whole early Lincolns in total, a noble and ambitious task. Long ago we talked about my steering wheel molds, I have them for '38-'39, '40-'41, and '42-'48, and my health and klutziness have made it impossible for me to use these molds to produce a good non-cracking poly-urethane wheel for around $400-$500, using the armature, (frame), from an old cracked original, so if you or anyone would be interested in purchasing these molds from me, contact me at rolf@got.net and we will talk it over, thank you-

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