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Found it in my 48!

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Well, if you consider the MKIV a classic then it is, because the same tech, and drivetrain and even the dash and interior were re-used in the MKV. I think that the Lincolns from the 70's will be classics, because of their classic design, heck LCOC already has ones from the 90's! (YUK!)Probably someone said the same thing about cars from the 40's and 50's 40 years ago!

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I suppose beauty is in the eye........even now, people

consider 4 door chevys, plymouth cranbrooks, ford falcons,

and anything old to be collectible / classic....

Is it good just caus it's old??

Do we say that the edsel is a great car?? or just an odd

old car...collectable?? for beauty or extreme failure??

Live and let live...just dont be comparing a thing of

beauty 1940 LC, to a mass produced bloated poorly engineeered generic auto with a time honored

name stuck to it..

How bout a 75 chev z-28....?? low horse plastic sled

living off name of previously special automobile...

Why do we care about the 1 year mazda designed mkz..it said

zephyr for a short time....get real. a real classic!!

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