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Web Site or list of vehicles produced by state

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Hello all:

Anyone know of a good web site or maybe a list of cars produced by state? Minnesota is celebrating its 150th year this year. I know of two automobiles that were produced, the Luverne and the Pan. I am wondering if there were any others. I want to do a page on our web site for these vehicles.


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The <span style="font-style: italic">Standard Catalog of American Cars</span>, 1805-1942, authored by Beverly Rae Kimes and Henry Austin Clark, Jr. lists 70+plus autos manufactured in your fair state.

Your local library (or a club member up there) should have a copy, and the list is in the back of the book.


TG (Tom Gibson)

AACA 100691

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The Standard Catalog listed above is the best initial source for this sort of information, a masterpiece.

For further information, I have a 1995 book called "Great Cars of the Great Plains" by Curt McConnell that has a full history of the Luverne. It used to be available at Barnes and Noble, good luck, Todd

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