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1941 Zephyr Custom Trim

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There was a discussion about custom trim a while back, here is the way we handled it with a customers custom Cluster, we could find no way to do the original Macoid Gold, so we had the outer housing (bezel) and the inner ring gold plated, was not as expensive as I thought it would be, and has a really super nice, deep finish-

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HI Rolf!

I am glad to see your post....I was geting a bit worried about you as I hadnt seen you post anything in awhile. NIce job on the Gauge restoration, you do beautiful work.

Phil, I sent you a private message awhile back...I was wondering if you ever got it? I am trying to figure out why hardly anyone besides you guys and a couple of others participate on this forum......what gives???

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Hey Rolf,

That looks super!!! I had the paint supply store mix me a pint of clear laquer with a gold tint. Dont know for sure if it will duplicate the factory method, but when I tried it years ago, it was very close. My original interior parts have that stuff peeling off, so hard to say what it was originally. Earle Brown had that trim at one time in brass. I got it for the instruments in my Continental. A quick buff and clear coat and it should be good to go, but that gold looks fantastic! hmmmmmmmmmm....


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