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What On Earth?!??!?!?!?!?

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Has anybody else seen this?


A 1947 Lincoln Continental v16? Only 8 Connies left in the Country?!?!? I guess those other four spark plugs must be on the bottom of the engine block, because I'm only counting 12 on the top.

Was there a option to add four additional cylinders and hide them in the glove box? If so, does anybody know where I can get one?


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What is the automotive clearing house thingie? Is that like the publisher's clearing house? It sounds like a bunch of bs to me! What is this about 8 cars left? Who keeps track of how many are left? I would be interested in how many 48's are left? The only thing that I can figure out about those missing cylinders, is maybe they are counting the starter, window pump, generator, and a shock absorber, that makes 16 cylindrical looking objects! Also, lesson number 1 in car sales: KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SELLING!

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I sent this message to "leftcoastclassics",

"Super nice car! Too bad about the moth damage. I wish my 1947 Continental Coupe looked this good."

"However, I question your AIC (Automotive Information Clearinghouse) statistics about there being only 8 of these Continental Coupes in the country and 3 in the state of California. My 2007 Lincoln Continental Owners Club membership directory lists eighty-two (82) 1947 Continental Coupes and fifty-three (53) 1947 Cabriolets in California ALONE!"

His response was:

"Thanks, I will check that out!"

He has already received several corrections to the V-16 issue.

(Following is not part of my mesage to leftcoastclassics)

The front seat back upholstery is as close to correct as anything I have seen recently. Most upholsterers carry the piping all the way over the bolster. It's probably easier for the upholsterer that way, but it's not correct for a concours restoration.


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Guest imported_V12Bill

Gee, I thought I had one of those rare Continental coupes, but I checked the engine and it only had 12 cylinders. I guess mine is the Standard model as compaared to the ultra rare 16 cylinder deluxe model worth tons of money.

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Well what did you expect Bill? I checked with the my buddy who is the assistant to the assistant director of the National Automotive Detective Service (NADS) and he says that there are only three of these ultra rare cars in the entire solar system!

Come on buddy - you gotta do some research!

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