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Prices of 1988- 1991 used cars

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I searched the Auto Trader site for used cars with Reatta equipment in a 200 mile radius of my address in Sturgis, MI( an hour east of South Bend, IN ). Here are the unscientific results.

1. There were 10 cars available

2. Three of them were Reattas: two 1990 models, one 1988


a. two were dealership owned

b. one privately owned

3. Nothing has fewer than 100,000 miles

4. Prices for the Reattas ranged from $1995(needs brakes) to $5500(privately owned).

5. The remainder included an Infiniti convertible, a Chryler, T-bird, Supra,Mercury,Trofeo and Nissan ZX.

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Rustbuckets all. Take a break from the winter and come to California and drive home a rust free car. The money you save on a car that needs very little repair will buy you a one way plane ticket about 5 times over. It will be clear and 70 degrees here today. I was born in upstate NY and so I feel your pain.

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You don't need to go to California, just find a car out of the rust belt. You will be amazed how much easier it is to remove bolts on southern cars.

My brother comes to Texas every 3-4 years and buys a used truck, drives it 3-4 years in Indiana. Then the truck is 6-8 years old and has the same amount of rust a Indiana truck would have in 3-4, because it looks so much better than similar trucks it age, he can get a premium for it.

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I only half agree!

Where I bought the Reatta when it was somewhere around 7 years old with less then 60,000 miles it had I assumed, a rather charmed life.

I began having Rust Inhibiter treatments done and have basically enjoyed those long term benifits. Two problem areas, the rear sub-frame and the gas tank failed early due to corrosion. Probably rust that got established before the car began to get treated. The galvanized sheet metal I think really performed well.

Upside of the rust inhibiter, I have had comments from mechanics all the way from Canada to Louisiana and Florida remark how readily and easily bolts and fasteners come off. Has to be the inhibiter.

There have to be exceptions everywhere, I seem to recall some pretty rust endowed relics along Datona Beach.

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I'm curious, what rust inhibitor treatments did you have done? Any particular brand name or dealer for this service? We used to have Ziebart here in St. Louis years ago, but that was mostly for preventing body panel rust (applied sealant to inside of door panels, etc). I also am not convinced their product worked all that well in the long term.

Anyway, would like info on what you had done, and approximate cost if you don't mind.



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Part of the reason I live in Orlando is that I have gotten used to removing exhaust manifold bolts without breaking any. This is not true of any car that spends it's life within five miles of any body of salt water even in the souf.

The difference is that oceanside rust usually starts up high around windows and on brightworks. One exception is any car that has been driven on the beach but that has not been allowed for some years now.

Rust is usually not a factor south of the 35th parallel

California and Florida cars usually need the rubber items replaced though, not sure why.

Texas and Arizona cars always need paint.

Big exception is that nice ones seem to come from the Pacific Northwest, west of the Cascades where there is little snow or sunlight ("take your goldfish for a walk").

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I did drive on Datona Beach in the mid '80s', but it was a rental car!

Mr. Kirk, we have in Canada whats' called Krown Rust Control. It differs substantially from Ziebart, is very fluid and penetrates well. Ziebart I think I had applied to one new vehicle in the '70s', as I recall it was a waxy product and I heard of product problems later on.

The Krown product is re-applied annually http://www.krown.com/

Shops/ applicators in Canada and the Carribean including the British Virgin Islands (my favorite place in the world)

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Thanks for the info. It's too bad Krown doesn't operate in the US. Kind of funny how an outfit like that is unique to Canada and the Carribean [two rather disparate markets no less]. There is certainly a need for it in a large part of the US as the weather and related conditions eat our cars up too!

I am not aware of any similar product/service here. If anyone here has knowledge of a like service available in the Midwest, please chime in.

Oh, and my apologies for unintentionally hijacking this thread.


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