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Judging school Grand National Melbourne, Florida

Durant Mike

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If you complete judging school on Thursday, you will be able to serve on the Apprentice Team at the Winter Meet on Saturday.

If you want to serve on the Apprentice Team, it would be helpful if you would sign up as follows.

1. Go to Meet Registration

2. Sign in (follow online directions at the top of the page if you have never signed in before.

3. Go to Judges Pre-Registration

4. Click on Winter Meet and follow the instructions.

OR you can wait and sign up for the Apprentice Team after the Judging School on Thursday. To attend the Judges Breakfast (required) there is a $5.00 fee which you can mail if you sign up on line or pay after Judging School.

Good luck. Hope to see you there.

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I will let our Chief Judge, Chip Green, know that you plan to attend the Judging School and serve on the Apprentice Team on Saturday, March 15th. As Steve said, just plan to show up at the Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place by 2:15 PM on Thursday, March 13th.

You're welcome to attend the Membership Roundtable meeting in the same room at 1 PM, just before the Judging School. There you will hear about what's happening these days in AACA and any new items coming up.

Were you registering a vehicle in either of the dual meets?

Art Griffin

Meet Chairman, Sushine Dual Meet

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We have a new PowerPoint school presentaion for 2008 that was premiered at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. Even if you should decide you do not want to continue in the judging program, we try to make the apprentice team experience something that is fun while also learning the AACA judging system and what a point is worth!

Rick Lay

AACA National Judges Training

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