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1920's Maxwell 25 dating

Tom v.d. Vyver

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Hi Tom

As you have probably gathered theres not a lot of help to be gained at this site for us later model Maxwell owners,here it seems they were all magneto ignition to the end which I would guess was typical for the exports

Here are some numbers passed on to me some years back, I cant verify the authenticity of them however they seem to work for those Maxwells around me here in Aus:

1923 to 1924 388531 - 442331

1924 to 1925 442331 - 492825

1925 to end 492825 - 552534

Chris H

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Here are the Serial Number ranges from my 1926 <span style="font-style: italic">National Used Car Market Report Red Book</span>, starting from 1920.

1920 266801 to 329680

1921 329681 to 337100

1922 337101 to 388529

1923 388530 to 444231

1924 444232 to 492824

1925 492825 to finis

Red Books were put out at the time the cars were still new (and used) and are trustworthy;

the numbers are very close to yours. Hope this helps somewhat.


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