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Air Cleaner for '47 Continental

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As I begin my search for an original air cleaner for my 1947 Continental, can somebody give me an idea of what something like this might cost? Is $1000 a bargain? Is $300 way too much. Assuming I can find one, what numbers should I be thinking about and at what point am I getting taken?



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These things pop up on ebay from time to time. Just keep watching. Since you are looking for one, it may be a while - Murphy's Law you know. One thing for sure is that it won't be cheap!

You might post an ad in the "Parts Wanted" section at www.lzoc.com

Ads tend to stay there forever because nobody ever seems to tell the web site manager to cancel them!

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Guest imported_V12Bill

Harley, I haven't gotten in touch with my friend who had one for sale yet. As I recall he was asking $650.00 for the air cleaner with the crossover pipe. Email me your Email address and your telephone # and I will have him get in touch with you.

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there was another yesterday..but i thought for sure u looked..post war pts seem very common the ebay.

just wait..some money grubbers will take as much as u will pay..look for a deal.

yes rare pt..but 2 on ebay chaep this week alone..the trend seems to be hot rodding these days..so precious v12 parts

accesories are plentiful..

for most anything call Mr.Earle O. Brown find his number in lzoc sources..he will hook u up..he's not "givin anything away" either...but it will be first class and correct...

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Hey Jeff,

Thanks for the link to the Continental air filter on ebay. As you probably already know, "partss-56" is Bob Anderson, restorer and owner of the one-and-only 1939 Continental prototype. We took a trip to Hershey in 2002 to see that car. Take a look at the Webshots photo album of it at: http://community.webshots.com/album/52823282UhMRLv It's gorgeous!

This will not be a cheap part because Bob Anderson has some EXCELLENT stuff, but you can be sure that it will be RIGHT.

That's Bob Anderson next to the car. Next to Bob is Den Fenske, the current owner and restorer of the '47 Continental I owned in 1967. Visible behind Den is Dave Cole.


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