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When bondo-ing compound curves, the application is easy.

What about the shaping when no straight area's exist?

I'm fixing collision damage on the front clip of an old Jaguar and never saw so many compound curves that were small and hard to get into. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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Nobody responded so I did it the old fashion way.

I know how to carve an elephant from a bar of soap.

#1 Hold bar of soap in left hand

#2 Hold knife in right hand

#3 Cut away anything that doesn't lool like an elephant.

So in my case I put the bondo on the Jaguar and took 30 grit

paper, a stick, gloves to save my fingerprints, and sanded off all the bondo that didn't look like a Jaguar.

After several coats of bondo I'm ruffed in and can now do the same with some finish putty and fine sand paper then

paint it.

It's the front 18" of an old Jaguar that will hang on the side of my barn with a motion sensor to turn on the headlights to light the driveway when we or guests come home after dark. That's about all old Jaguars are good for!

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