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1928 Pierce Arrow - Just Joined AACA


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I've been lurking on this forum for awhile, mostly posting on the BCA and ROA sites regarding my 63 Buick Riviera. I've had the car sickness for 45 years but late last year I took the plunge with my first-ever prewar car, a 1928 Pierce Arrow Model 81 5-passenger sedan. It is mechanically and structurally original with a decent black paint job and new interior, tires, and brake linings done by the previous owner. It runs and drives but needs fuel system work, rewiring, an exhaust system, and lots of detailing. I've taken things very slow trying to educate myself about the car - I joined the Pierce Arrow Society and have obtained owners and parts manuals. Today I finally joined the AACA and wanted to introduce myself and my car. As I get further into things I'll be looking for a lot of help and information but for now I would love to hear from anyone with a similar car or situation. I'll also post this in the Pierce Arrow forum. I'll come back with a photo or two later. Thanks!

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