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Maserati VIN

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the last 4 didgets of the chassis number give you the year allowing for around 300-500 were made a year for example

Model name AM107

Number built #0454

Therefor chassis number AM1070454

Looking through my database slowely coming along :

a 1964 model

QUATTROPORTE 4D 4.1V8 LHD 1964 5spm

was featured in Auto Italia (GB)2006 JUL-AUG 14-10page 46-49 Issue # 121 a driving impression & history car based in Monaco . The car has celebrity Status ; restored by Bill McGarth Maserati ; First owner Uncle to Present owner Registration number (UK) KYY 432C car is Gold Metallic and shown at Geneva Show 1964 LHD

While later vehicle 1967-1968 in the US


turned up for sale in the classifieds of Road & Track magazine in 1978

QUATTROPORTE 4D 1967-8 see Road & Track (US)1978 FEB Page 120 Vol 29 Issue # 6 classified car for sale and Built 1967;Ch#AM1072054;x Italy 70s new; 5spm;Silver; by vendor John F Marshall;Virg Beach;Va car was also LHD 1967 built

if chassis number between these 2 numbers yoyu know its between 1964-1967

Whats your cars chassis number - Is it US New or import?

cheers Julian

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