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Judging from my visits to Hemmings, eBay, and Hershey, there don't seem to be many French cars in the USA other than those imported in the '50s and '60s. I suppose there were no French imports in the 'teens and 'twenties. Are those cars so little-known here that they are worth less than in Europe? Some French cars were very similar to the standard American models, but a few were quite unique and distictive. I don't refer to the Bugattis and other "concours" cars, but the "every man" models like the Citroen 10 HP, Traction Avant, Peugeot Quadrilette, etc.

Phil Jamison

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Hi Phil,,,I think the shipping and import duty would have killed the idea,,,,The early duty on imports was a whopping 85%,,, The motto,,,IF you must ask the price you cant afford it,, Panhard and CGV made models to keep one awake for days,,,ie,,water cooled brakes and jake brake in 1906,,both same car,,,Not sure of duty after the Kizer war,,,Cheers,,Ben

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