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1939 Zephyr Speedometer

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I came across this photo the other day while looking for something else. This was in a group of pictures of a 1939 Zephyr convertible sedan. It's a '39 alright, but this speedometer looks more like a 1940, but not quite. It looks like a "customized" '40 speedometer face to me.

The parking brake handle looks like a '38, certainly not a '39. What do you experts think? I know Rolf will have a valued opinion.


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Simple rule I use is '39 down had 100 MPH speedos, '40 and up have 110. Hole size in the dash is the same size on '39 to '41, all 3 take the 96H bezel and the same glass size. Enhancing the '40 instrument backgrounds, and restoring the writing that fades so badly has presented a problem for me, as well as the scarcity of '40 needles-

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