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misc. '40 120 parts

fred deagostino

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Gents, I'd saved whatever I thought might be reusable when breaking down that 120 for the drivetrain and the stuff's been sitting in the barn for the lsst 3 yrs. Maybe it's time to get it back in circulation.

'Not in the greatest of shape, unfortunately. If there's anything on the list you might be interested in contact me on the message list, or call (845-895-2976) Wallkill, NY, and I'll give you as honest a description as I can.

I have:

Speedometer, Clock/door/latch, Pass. side H/light bucket, side curtains w/latches, 4 door garnish mouldings, side grills, 4 door handles w/springs etc., 2 window cranks (same), license plate lens, 2 front shocks, master cyl. w/all shift rods attached, steering box,pitman arm,shaft,and steering wheel.

I'll describe it, you make the offer. thanks....Fred

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