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V-12 Crank Pulley Inside Diameter

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Hey Abe, maybe this little honey would get you down to the store and back, think?? No details except it was built by a guy named Larry Epworth, and has 353 CI, must be stroked too to have that many, buddy of mine said it would be a sight with that blower doing 7K, standback!!





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I always thought a V-12 would respond well to supercharging. Should be easy to double the horsepower. However, I had no idea that it would be so big! Thanks for the photo's. I've seen flathead V-8's with regular blower manifolds, seems like some one should make a manifold for a V-12. Yours looks like a three carberator manifold (which I'd like to try with three carbs sometime).

But for my more normal project, I'd like to retain the stock damper and fan hub attached to the crankshaft, and need to know the dimensions of the pulley hole, or of the landing for the pulley on the hub. May have to buy a micrometer yet.


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Penetrating oil is working on the pulley hub now to get a more accurate reading when removed. The nominal diameter of the pulley mounting area looks like 1-13/16" and the hub width is 1-1/4". The hub butts up against a stop on the shaft at the forward end and up against a lock ring at the rear end. This pulley also has a key way.

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