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1979 Lincoln Continental Towncar Collector series for sale

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My mother has had this boat sitting since 94. it has 160K on it i think or 120K i cant remember. Its navy with blue vinyl half top and all gold trim and oval porthole side windows . 4 drs, velour looking seats. 400 Ford V8 motor. car is starting to rust in the bottom on the doors, but it is stored on black top. would start and run and drive with gas and a battery. i think majorly it only needed a master cylinder back in 94 when it was parked. has potential. 2nd longest production car ever made, the caddy beat it by i think 1/2 in with its bumperettes. car is located in northern NJ. clear title. would like 1700$ or best offer for it. private message or post interest. i can get pictures for interested parties

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