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Flethead 6 parts question

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I am in process or restoring a '51 Chiefton, FH 6. I am in need of the water pump. I have found on from a '50 flathead 8 Pontiac, but can not find anything that would tell me if they are interchangeable. Are any parts for the engine interchangeable between the 6 and 8? if not, can someone tell me where I could find one?

Any info would be appreciated.


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I don't have a list; but it is a significant number. A quick scan of my parts book shows the interchange is even better from about 1937 through 1949. 1950 and newer shows much more distinction between the 6 and 8. I recommend that you try to find a Master Parts Catalog for '51 and you can use it as an interchange guide.

You may want to consider subscribing to the Early Times Chapter newsletter; it's dedicated to all '26 - '54 Pontiacs. The web address is: www.earlytimeschapter.org/

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