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I acquired some interesting photos of what appears to be an almost new Packard converted to steam power. Through the AACA forums I have received two leads on identifying this car that tie together. One said he saw a car like this in the early 1950s in Massachusetts. Keith Marvin, in Massachusetts, said he had heard of this car and believed it was still existent in Massachusetts. I am unfamiliar with Stanley engine but have been told the car uses an engine from that company. I have posted the photos on my blog - http://route66chronicles.blogspot.com/

Any leads or ideas?

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The car is a '40 Packard 180 and is mentioned in Floyd Clymers book <span style="font-style: italic"> </span> The Modern Steam Car <span style="font-style: italic"> </span> and its background (1945 Revised Edition). The conversion was done by T.C. Marshall of Yorklyn, DE.

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