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CDL Requirments for Antique Trucks


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I'm looking to buy a 1953 to 1960 B61 Mack tractor & trailer or flatbed to haul my restored Farmall or one of my antique cars. Do I need a CDL to drive it if it has Antique or Classic tags? Will having air brakes or vacuum brakes have any effect? Thanks for any help. rickj@farason.com

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Rick,<P>Sorry to say, but yes, you would be required to have your CDL to use the B-Model. All vehicles of combination equipped with air brakes require it, no matter how it would be licensed. The other area of concern using the antique tag, (at least here in PA.) is that you could not use the truck if it is thought that it was being used for profit. Hauling even your Farmall or antique car could fall in a grey area. I'm not certain. I would contact your state transportaion office to check into that. My first thoughts is that you would not have a problem using it to haul you vehicles to shows.<P>Rick<p>[ 07-17-2001: Message edited by: Rick Hoover ]

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