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Help with building a 38 Chrysler sedan

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Hi all, was wondering if anyone could help me with building my 38 sedan?

I was wondering if there is anywhere that sells body parts such as sills, rear quarters etc for these cars. Am hoping it might be cheaper to buy them instead of getting my ones fixed?

It doesn't appear to be a popular car to rod over here in NZ.



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Hi tarsha.

i live in N.Z. as well i have 1935 airstream i am about to start.

as for parts you have to look on Trade me. some time things pop up. or even part cars.

i think 1937 will work for your car as well.

the bigest thing with getting parts U.S. side is the cost of getting them home.

there are three mopar web site in N.Z. as well you may some help there.

one is a vintage chrysler club not much info on the site but many helpful poeple if you are a member.

how about some pic's

where do you live in N.Z.?

i live in feilding.

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Hi Tarsha

I have a '38 Dodge, which is fairly newly restored and complete. Sills are quite an issue and I ended up buying a set up in the US having them shipped and stitched into the car. I am based in Cambridge, so can help with advice if you want it and are in the area.

The rear tail pan is also usually a problem area in these cars.

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