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my barn find 1940 2 door

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Good find!

Is it just me, or does that old Oldsmobile look like it's smiling at being discovered and wanted once again?

Join the National Antique Olds Club. Those folks have the scoop on parts and help for these cars. You can link to their website using the "Choose a Club" drop-down menu at the top left of the page.


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okay I know you are all wondering? whats next, Im not sure? I want to get the body damage fixed, then for the power train. the motor "6 cyl" is not seized it has oil and seems to only be missing plug wires but who knows, I also got some extra parts the back of the truck is full,ie 2 sets of rear fenders 2 originals 2 trunk lids,4 bumpers one front with fog lights,gauge pack,raido grill, 2 spot lights,

2 hoods,a extra head for the motor that looks new? and all the trim most in great shape! and about 4 boxes of other stuff ! this car has a tiny bit of rust in the bottom of the passenger door ind a little in the rear roll pan AND THATS IT! I might yes I said might make a retro rod or mabe stock not sure? I first want to make it drivable.

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