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R W Burgess

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On 8/19/2014 at 11:01 PM, Budensor said:

Mr Burgess,

I'm a new owner of a 1936 Buick Roadmaster Phaeton 80C 4door Sedan convertible. Does my car qualify for CCCA ? I've been told only the Buick Limited 90 qualify.


Bud Enso

Yes it does, as of about three years ago when the Buick Series 80 was accepted by CCCA as a Full Classic.  Now some of us are hoping the 1940 and 1941 Series 70 will receive a favorable vote.


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The Norrmalm 540k is coming up for auction.  I've seen this in person a couple of times and remember when it was for sale 15 years ago at a very reasonable price.  Very few cars did not have the mother of pearl dash and I find this one attractive.  The car is wider than a standard 500k/540k and you can tell by the passenger seat.  I have always liked it.




Auction description:

This chassis was delivered to Mr. Max Gumpel of Sweden, on the 30th of September 1937. The coachwork was designed with function in mind, and built to cope with the harsh roads and long, snowy winters of Sweden. Also built with two batteries, and an oversized fuel tank for extended range of travel. The dashboard is also unique, and was designed by the brothers Gunnar and Knut Espeland. The coachwork was completed in February of 1938, and the car was originally registered to Mr. Gumpel on March 4 of that year with the registration number A54. The low registration number was reflective of his position in Stockholm at the time. Mr. Gumpel was known as a flamboyant individual, and he had the car equipped with Marchal headlights, spotlight and running lights. His most prominent personalization was the oversized mascot of the nude goddess Diana with her bow shooting an arrow into the sky. The front seats were designed to accommodate three passengers, two ladies and a gentleman, as legend has it. Mr. Gumpel was a close personal friend of Greta Garbo, and it is believed that she rode around with him in this very special car. It was put up during World War II, when there was very little gas available, and also received a special “non-conscription order”, thereby allowing the car to remain with Max and not be conscripted to the Swedish Army.




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