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Early SS Jaguar Chassis Number

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I guess how old it is -If you known where the chassis number for a certain year starts and know when it ends you know whens its built Its not like US Chassis numbers of Us Muscle Car which may indicate factory and month, it was built; colour its more basic -Whats is your chassis number of your car?


a 1933 SS1 Convertible turned up for sale in 1977 by a British dealer:

Dealer list; Ch#136458; reg 120833; 36000m in dealers family 10yrs ; Morrison Road Garage LTD; Annfield Plain ; Stanley Co Durham DH9 7RX as reported in Sept 1977 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars (GB) page 64 Vol 4 #12

I have a huge collection of Jaguar Enthusist Club UK Mags to review in coming months - which I will be indexing after (so in keep in touch and have a look at my unique site)I need to finish last part of Auto Italias from cover to cover later next month lent to me by the Fiat Club of New Zealand then I hope to start the Jag!

Cheers Julian


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Intersting Car you have there

SS90 not tototally unique

- There was SS90 for many years in US Museum that was Ch#249478 ; 3rd chassis laid reg Jun 1st 1935 Reg AVC 318 to Cpt John Black of Std motor Co ; current owner anon

further research on others 1st ch 249476 AVC 477 to Doug Cleave of Cleve Cars;2nd 249477 Eric J Boyd CMK 505

See Thoroughbred & Classic Cars (GB) 1989 JUN page54 Vol 16 #9

While SS90 Prototype

mentioned SS90 Roadster prototype letter The Automobile (GB) 1983 MAR Page 6 Vol 1 #2 LET GB F/up SS90 earlier issue;reader informs us earlier history a friend 1959 Dougal McCrorie (RAF police) bought the car from Jack RO Lantern of romsey a garage specialising in Vintage cars; Dougal McCrorie (RAF police) poxsted to Driffield in Yorkshire used car rexgularly inc trips to hisx home in Port Glasglow includes photo 1960s

So your car car rebuilt to SS90 spec but who by? Was it Jaguar themselves answer may lie in Earlier Issues of WW2 and post 1945-1947 in Letters Section of Features of Autocar (UK) or the Notor (GB) I done a complete cover to cover in depth documentation of every letter feature of Autocar UK late 1947-2001 and The Motor later Motor UK 1947-1967 -its not there!

1934 Airline would make it one earlist most built 1935-1938

There is s 1935 Airline

SS 100 AIRLINE 1935 Thoroughbred & Classic Cars (GB) 1993 MAY Page 29 Ch #249175;orig India new; now Ski-Lanka

Cheers Julian

I see what Jag Enthusist Mag covers in coming months there more then likely a restoration feature of your car in it

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