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$100/barrel. What will it do?

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I took my 47 Cadillac club coupe on her 1st big trip this summer since all the mechanical work was completed. 610 miles and 5 high mountain passes. I'd forgotten how much work manual steering and brakes (and bias ply tires) are in the mountains, but I had a great time. I used $150 worth of gas for that trip (12 mpg) and I'd do it at twice that cost, if it were my only big trip in a year.

I've shown my car at a few mixed shows and had no problems. I worried a bit at one cruise my dad talked me into attending. My car got so much attention that people were backing up against a neighboring El Camino, who's owner was yelling at me (like I had control of these people). I did note the Caddy got more attention than the two Lamborghinis present. There just weren't many pre-1950's cars present, and everyone seemed interested in the 47.

I never intended the 47 to be a high points car, but a nice tourer in great mechanical and decent cosmetic shape. I do think that if I had a Delahaye (which I love) I'd be paying someone to trailer the car and make sure it was roped off. I do think though that I'd have to take her on a few runs up twisty mountain canyons from time to time. :-)

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'Everybody thinks they'd drive their half million dollar car around as if it was a beater. We imagine that if we were rich enough these would be daily drivers instead of new Maybachs and Bentleys. The reality is we'd be very tired of beefing them around after any length of time and would do our daily cruising in the Bentley. Yeah we maybe would drive our Caddy V-16 once a week OK?'-Twitch


I would'nt be tired of them! I would drive them everyday! Bentleys are a piece of s?!^ compared to the V-16 Cadillacs! And why should any car you drive around daily be a 'beater' I drive all my cars around all the time, my '41 Dodge and '78 Mark V get the most mileage and I always keep them clean inside and out to were the interior has nothing on it and there is nothing kept in the car! (except spare parts) (OCD! I know!)

and remember the more you keep a car setting the harder it gets to keep it running good. I just wish I had one of those V-16'S with Juice Brakes to take on the Highway!

'On the bit I quoted, also totally agree. I couldn't daily drive my '38. No way. Even if braking and power were up to modern standards, between the stiffness of the spring in that clutch pedal and not being able to turn the steering wheel if the car is not in motion for say 3 point turns, it just wouldn't work out.'-ZondaC12


I daily drive my '41 Dodge and it has all of the original mechanicals in it, it is not modified. Your '38 Buick should be on par with the Tech in my Dodge since Buick is the higher end GM car, I drive my Dodge on the Fwy. and it does not have overdrive, ya, the pickup and go is not like the new cars, but, once it gets up to speed it cruises just as fast as the new cars (faster, sometimes!) My clutch is ok, it makes my calfs stronger pushing it down (see, I even get a workout!) You might want to see if you can update that spring, Your steering might need to be loosened a bit, my steering is stiff too, but, I get used to it, I have parallel parked both my '41, and '48 quite a bit, I guess, I get used to it! My 1941 Dodge was dead since 1984 and I resurrected it in 2004 and it was outside, so, there are alot of things that get screwed up when a car sits that long, things dry out and get tight and fail and when you start driving them things loosen up (and sometimes breakdown!) I finally just had my fuel pump replaced today and it was the original, and I have put about 3000 miles on it since 2004, it was'nt broken all the way, it just leaked a bit also, my grandfather invented an auto throttle/choke adaptor for the '41 which he built, so, the car could start easier in the morning, it stopped working, and it had to be cleaned and a new wire put to it. But, I think if I owned your '38 I would drive it every 5 min! I should post some pics. of my Dodge when I found it and some of it now! (How do you do that?)

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