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46 ford convert questions

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My 84 year old uncle has decided that I am going to adjust the top frame on the 46 ford convertable that he is restoring. I (of course) have no say in the matter. MY questions are: 1. is there a currently available book on how to make these adjustments adn where doI buy it??<BR> and 2. is anyone reproducing the correct shoulder bolts for the top mechanism??<BR> My knowledge on where to source parts and info only covers eary Buick, Model A fords and 30 Dodges<BR> Thanks for your help<BR> Bill smile.gif" border="0smile.gif" border="0

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Bill,<P>My first attempt would be to contact Roy Nacewicz Enterprises in Allen Park, Michigan for any or all hardware. The number I have here for him is (313-383-2692 (Check for area code changes) wink.gif" border="0 <P>The adjustments on that car should not be all that difficult and should be shown in the '46 to '48 Ford Shop manuals. Try Nacewicz for those also or Dennis Carpenter in N.C. <P> Good luck, Rick

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