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Brad in Wisconsin

how rare are Electrics and other questions

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Looks like a cute car. Is it a Detroit? looks to be late teens early 20's.

Electric cars were not made in huge numbers, especially when you got into this time frame. Finding original parts may be difficult, but not impossible.

At Chickasha swap meet last year, there was a motor, controller and most of the wiring for an antique electric.

When I bought my 1912 Rauch & Lang, it was missing the cowl lights and the Volt/Amp meter. Many people told me not to buy it if I wanted an original looking car because I would never find such items and would have to settle. I found the correct meter at a swap meet in Iowa that I had seen the year before on a table and went back after I bought the car, and the same vendor was there with the same meter. I found the cowl lights on eBay after, on a fluke, entering "carriage lamp" into the search string. I have not seen another set since, and this was after spending several days at Hershey searching.

So, with luck on your side, you can find such items, it just may take time. I had the missing parts for my car within a years of purchase. "Individual results may differ" as the commercials always say.

Here is a link to a page about my car.

Good Luck.


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