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Here is the 36 deluxe 8 4dr Touring Sedan that I brought home last week. It has been in the family since new. It was owned by my great Uncle and I just bought it from his son. It was last licensed in 1951 and has been in dry storage since then. The only thing missing was the Generator (which I am looking for). It was originally a Dusk Grey car and has most of the available options. Evereything else is complete including the interior with the exception of a few mouse homes. The project is just beginning. I will be looking for info and advice from any willing to offer it.




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hi kevin, there wasn't a pontiac assembly plant in stockton, ca., there was one in south gate, ca., that's where all the pontiacs were built in california. my 1953 custom catalina was built there too. 1951 pontiacs are a real nice car to have, being it was pontiac's 25th year. charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor.

Charles, I think you probably meant for 1953. My 69 LeMans was built in Fremont Ca., and Pontiac also built cars Van Nuys Ca.The Van Nuys plant started as a Chevy plant in 1947, but all ranges (C P O B ) of X bodied cars were built and all F bodies ( C & P ) were made there.

The connection to the name Stockton ca.? Chevrolet had manufacturing plant in Oakland ca. starting in 1921 pretty close.

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Well, all these fine cars, and not a single Woodie??

I need to rectify that, pronto!!

I just recently acquired this delicious pair of 1948 Pontiac Woodies, and I am chomping at the bit to make some new wood for them!!

It's all the other stuff that is tough...costly, big time, etc. You know what I mean, no?

Anyway, these pics show the first one being hauled to its new home, with shade cloth & a cargo net over the wood to allow freeway speeds with no wood loss!!

(It took me years of experience to figure out that combo!!)

But it really works, so take note!!

I spoke years ago with a fella in AZ who was selling a 1941 Packard Woodie, and asked him how would he describe the wood, and he said, "Well, if you were to load this on an open trailer and haul it to LA, there would be no wood left!"

And he was not far away...about 2-300 miles!!

Tarps flap and do damage.

If rain is expected, no worries, it will dry out in no time, trust me on that!!

Especially at freeway speeds (or faster!!).

This pair did well in their travels, and I hope to make some progress this summer.

I will start a new thread with any progress, this is just an intro...and some PontiacWoodies to boot!!

By the way, check out the new, well relatively new, link to the National Woodie Club in this AACA forum.

Wood is good!! Mike











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Well, on this upcoming Wednesday, I am off to Oklahoma to pick up my latest project...

See the pics, not the best, but I will post more when I can...

(By the way, OK is 1200 miles each way for me, and fuel is sickeningly expensive, but I will enjoy seeing the countryside...LOL)

What I am after is a 1948 Pontiac 4 door Sedan that has had much done towards being restored, but the previous owners lost interest along the way...

I can relate to their dilemma, sometimes it is tough staying focused, keeping motivated!

I keep many projects going at the same time, in an attempt to help eliminate this problem.

If I burn out on one, the next one, or the last one, or any one of them will keep me motivated!!

I must admit though, sometimes when I see them all, it scares me!!

"So many old cars, so little time!!"

Wish me luck, Mike







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I am back from my trek to Oklahoma, and ran through heavy rain both ways!!

Whatever happened to the dust-bowl??

It probably only rained on my account, and is drying up now!!

I added some pics, so let me explain them:

I had meant to show the states as I left or entered them, but I missed the first sign as I left OK into Texas, since it was only 20 or so miles into the trip, and I was still concentrating on how the load was following.

Oops, passed it!!

No turning back!!

I caught the next one, from Texas into New Mexico, along with the next 2 pics at the same time.

The doors & trunk are not actually mounted here, but are stuffed into their openings with plenty of padding, and held in place with 2 each ratchet straps.

This enabled us to fill the body up to the window level with all the parts!!!

(Did you ever totally take each & every part off a car? This one has!! And the body, trunk are full, as well as my 8' truck bed, floor to ceiling. Couldn't fit in the hood, got all else!!)

I ran into some mechanical problems with the trailer just before leaving NM, causing me to lose my new trailer tire & almost a couple of rain-filled hours!!

The u-bolts holding my left rear trailer axle to its spring gave out, so the tire got jammed under the rear of the fender at 70 MPH...what a plume of smoke that tire left as it died!!

(Only 1500 miles on it!!)

But I got connected with a great mechanic who made my day...I was back on the road in an hour & a half, and reasonably, no less.

I will post his info here when I get the energy to fetch his card from my truck!!

Needless to say, I never got to add any pics of the other states I went through...not so easy to stop for a "Kodak moment" on the interstate freeways.

The last few shots show it at home, where it still sits until this week sometime when I will begin to unload it.

It has a show quality paint job, which really amazed me, didn't really expect that from pics on eBay, but it is extremely good!!

More later, Mike








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I had a little fun here...

I have some mag base lights that I like to add to anything on my trailer, just for extra rear lighting, brakes & turn signals.

Usually these get attached on the roof area, but I didn't want to damage the paint, so...

I noticed the 48 Pontiac taillights were mounted beside the trunk lid, and there was a floor inside, so I added them inside the trunk so that they shone through the openings for the taillights.

Giving them a "Frenched in" look!!

Taillights, brake lights & turn signals all worked this way all the way home...got a few thumbs-up!!

I added a pic that kind of shows them, they are lit as 4 way flashers, so are brighter than just taillights, hard to really see.

Later, Mike


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i have been down here in SC for 7 yrs. never seen any older pontiacs. at the shows all you see is GTOs. even in N.J. where i used to live never seen any older pontiacs at shows. just GTOs and ocasionly a 55 & 56 & 57 and mine a 63 bonne.

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i was wondering why the extra lights below the original '53-'54 pontiac chieftain taillights/turn signal lights ? is it required for cars down under to have the extra lights ?. please post a interior picture of your chieftain. charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor.

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Hello Charles, the extra indicator lights were installed by the previous owner, and to my knowledge were required so as to comply with the licensing / registration / roadworthiness requirements, hence the amber lenses also. Thats best guess as the rules do change from state to state and for Classic Cars also......

I only have one pic of the interios and its not a very good one but here it is..........post-97131-143142254081_thumb.jpg

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Hi all,

First post after lurking around a bit. I think this is a good way to introduce me as a new member by posting some photos of my 1947 Streamliner. When I bought this true survivor it had the matching six in it, but as the oil ran thru the engine and I happened to stumble upon a 268", I took the liberty to switch engine. I have the six still standing in my shop, and who knows, if I can get my hands on an overhaul kit without having to pay shipping from U.S to Sweden there is a good chance it can find the way back in under the hood. For the moment I'm just enjoying the smooth ride and the comfort, but there is some work to do with the body and replace most of the rubber arond the doors and windows. It came to Sweden in 2008 from Colorado, it seems to have been owned by one person for a long time; I have insurance papers and receipts fro 1963 and forward.




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1954 Pontiac Chieftain Landau built by Superior Coach Mfg. in Mississippi. # 206 of 207 coaches made in that year. Still has the original 268 straight 8 and 3 on the tree standard trans. This car had sat in a junkyard for 17 yrs when I bought it. No power steering, no power brakes, a real bugger to park hehe.

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