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AACA also has a great forum for posting pictures of your car. How about we flathead owners posting a picture(s) of your old Pontiac(s) on that forum? That will give us an online archive and reference point for all the cars whose owners are members of this forum. See it at: http://photos.aaca.org/index.php. Be sure you pictures are included in the Pontiac section.

Here are the directions for posting a picture:

1. Create a new post or click "reply" below a post you wish to reply to.

2. Click "File Manager" below the post edit box

3. Click "Choose File" and choose a file from your computer (make sure its less than 1mb in size)

4. Click "Add File"

5. Add more than 1 file with the "Choose File" button if you like.

6. After your done adding photo(s), click "Done Adding Files".

Finish your post by simply clicking "Submit".

If you use the quick reply (at the bottom of an existing post) be sure to click the "Switch to Full Reply Screen" button.

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Heres a few photos of my 53 Catalina in the UK.

This was taken leaving the Ace Cafe in West London (Near Wembley Stadium) after the Executioners Spring Riot. The black pick up is the Moon Truck, and now has been sold into Europe.


This was our car club meeting for the 70 mile run to the Ace Cafe. Most cars were running open headers, and the Pontiac has straight through Lake Pipes.


This is on Wedding duty for a friend of mine


I hope you like the photos........


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Really don't know much about it. I bought it from a fella that only owned it for a year. He bought it from an estate and some restoration work had been started (rebuilt hydromatic and brakes) Engine and tranny are out of the car now. Hoping to talk my 15 year old into working on it with me then he can use it....

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Our car is not a show car like so many of the beautiful cars pictured on this site. It is a 1951 Chieftain Super Deluxe Catalina Eight. It needs a lot of work, but is a unique car with an interesting history. This car was built in the Stockton, CA plant and spent most of it's life in the Prescott, Arizona area. The original owner was a man named Ravetto. I have tried to contact a son of Mr and Mrs. Ravetto in attempt to learn more of the car's early history to no avail. In 1972, his widow Adalena Ravetto sold the car to Beau Hickory, western showman, car builder, craftsman, blacksmith, and story teller. Beau and his partner Tinnell used the car regularly, keeping it mechanically sound, and simply enjoying it, until 2004, when they sold it to a man in Minnesota. He sold it to a guy in Florida in December of 2006, and I bought it from him in January of 2007. We trailered it up to Michigan and "The Chief" has been part of the family ever since.

We put new front floor pans in it and some new carpeting that looks similar to the original. Then we've been doing a lot of cleaning and polishing, fixing things, and replacing a few missing parts. It's very much a work in progress, but it is looking a little better every day, and we drive it all the time while we work on it. It really attracts a lot of attention, and we like talking to other old car owners (especially Pontiac people!) about it and their cars. I've gotten so much information from the other great Pontiac fans on the internet, and so many have been so willing to answer questions I have about the car.

I hope you enjoy the photos I've posted. One shows the car as we first got it, and another shows it in May of 2008. You can see more photos of the car if you are interested at: http://autos.ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/pontiac-1950s/photos/browse/8bdc

Kevin Mueller

Brighton, Michigan

POCI and Early Times Chapter Member #36361



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Here is my 1934 Pontiac. It is an unrestored original with 32,000 miles. I bought it on ebay from a father and son in Owensboro, KY, who had bought it from a Kentucky state senator. It has a 1939 parking sticker on the windshield, so I believe it started out in Chicago. Also an oil change sticker on the drivers door notes the mileage in early 1957 at 24,540. It seems the car then was retired and not put back into service until the late 90's. I got the car in 2001 and it still had under 25,000 miles on it.


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Hello Everyone,

I finally have got around to posting pictures of my car!

As best I can tell, it is a 1950 Chieftain 2 door sedan Delux (?? waiting for Lukey to confirm numbers). I love the art deco style this car offers! I have had the car for about a year. She runs great and turns heads everywhere we go! All gauges, am radio, hood ornament and gigar lighter are in working order. It is 6 cylinder and still runs 6-volt.

Also, I just realized after a year that the back window roll down!! (It's the little surprises) I am considering painting the roof a darker gray to make it stand out a bit more.

I bought it from an older gentleman (relative term I suppose. I am only 30) in Orlando, FL who did all of the paint and interior. The original owner lived in Tenn.

I have done some work to the engine to get it running smoothly but overall the car is in great shape. (New gasket to exhaust manifold, new 2" exhaust, restored carb, fuel pump, radiator rodded, gas tank patched, tune up etc. I do have some oil leaking from the rear main seal (looking for some input) but not quite bad enough to worry about yet.

Currently, she rides a little hot at the high end in this Florida summer heat because I removed the incorrect thermastat and I have not replaced it. I am planning to just tweek the t-stat to slow down the water flow a bit to allow the engine to cool more efficiently in the extreme heat and humidity.

I was told I should be able to get ~15 mpg but, the best I can tell, I get ~11-12 mpg. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the performance and mpg I would appreciate it.

Looking forward to hearing back from some of you with you suggestions and advice on how I can better care for and enjoy this car.


Jacksonville, FL






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1946 Canadian Pontiac 6. I wanted a car born the same year that I was. she is one month younger than me :)

Have done quite a bit of mechanical work on it over the past 7 years. The interior and exterior were done prior to buying it. She drives pretty good now. 86,000 miles


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The carbs are Stromberg 97's. The intake is an original Edmunds Custom part. I am fairly sure I have the only one. He made a few of them but they were melted down after he died by the government who he owed money to.

I was lucky to find it and it was pretty dear.

The exhaust manifold is original but I will be changing it out later this year once I get the new one completed.

The distributor is original but I had it rebuilt and eliminated the points, looks stock but it is actually HEI.

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hi fitz, my catalina is a 53 model, the pontiac factory a/c system, i remove it from a 54 starchief sedan. there are two 1953 pontiacs with the 1954 pontiac factory air conditioning, my catalina, and a 53 chieftain convertible as well. hi goose-em, after eddie edmund died, his family closed up the business, later the fenton company bought all the inventory. charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor.

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Not a Pontiac body but it is the only year of truck that GMC put a Pontiac motor in.

Motor has just been rebuilt but not yet started, hopefully this month.

GM put Pontiac engines in their smaller (up to about ton & a half) trucks way back in 1927.

:) kaycee

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My 49. Other images including engine resto are available in my profile.



Gary, thanks for posting pictures of your car..Great job! What does the script say on the "C" pillar??


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