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1930 model 66 pistons

Dana J

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Still looking. Did find oversized pistons from Vintage Auto but they need to be ground down. Found pistons to size from Egge but they are about $800.00. The pistons from vintage are about $55.00 ea. But they have to be sized. unknown cost. The bore size is 3.125 on 219.

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Hi Dana-my auto encyclopedia shows a 30 model 66 with with a 3 1/8" bore.I have a new set of 6 pistons ordered by mistake for a 29 Desoto which has a 3" bore. These pistons are 3 1/8 +.030 over for an engine bored out .030.

Check your bore size and we may be able to help each other. Can't remember if my new pistons have rings but they should be no problem from Egge.

Your bore at the relatively unworn part down at the bottom should be 3.125 if your engine is original.The engine # ,if a model 66, will begin with a CC.

Marty lum


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Hi Marty. My engine I believe to be original. It measures a 3.125 bore but has a .020 wear on the cylinders. Will have to bore to .030 so these pistons may work. My engine # starts with C2. I'll talk with machine shop tomorrow and let him know. I think the measurement for ring distance was 2 inches. I'll talk tomorrow. Thanks much.


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Dear friends 

I want to share a 1930 chrysler 66 piston replacement

I found a 1948 to 1952 nash rambler serie 1O piston fit in a Chrysler 66 late 

are the same  bore compression height same piston pin  0.332  height shorter and 4 piston ring .

I found in ebay a complete set for us 99 and  ring for us 29


Fernando Macan


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