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The astounding Doble

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I have had a fascination with steam since my father made a small two cylinder engine for me. Since that time I have read with fascination about the early steam cars and have attended numerous steam events.

Though I was aware of the Doble it was the recent article in the January 2008 Hemmings Classic car that really fired me up. This car was astounding.

In a search for more information I discovered a great article by Jay Leno, owner of a Doble, and a fascinating British site. I added a link to both on my blog, www.route66chronicles.blogspot.com.

The British site was of particular interest as it featured all manner of steam power including vintage and modern. The latter section was a stunning discovery as I was unaware how many folks are playing with steam, including the conversion of a Hupmobile, a 1966 Chevy and even a moped.

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There is a company in England that is makeing a "kit" a replica of a 1902 Locomobile. Good idea! Why why why can't somebody remake the great Doble? It really was a great car! Anyone who has done some research would agree. It was a great car in the thirties, can you imagine if ingineers stuck to that design and kept improving even more?! Is anyone out there diplucating it or trying?

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