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Appreciate the new flathead forum

Guest Dewey

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OK. I have officially registered for this forum. I'm very happy that we have been given a place to chat a little on the internet. Looking forward to talking to a lot of people about flathead Pontiacs... Lukey

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Guest Pete Woodruff

I appreciate AACA providing this forum for us and the opportunity to talk with other early Pontiac owners. I'm a member of AACA, POCI and the newsletter editor for the Early Times chapter of POCI.

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Guest Arniland

As the others have said, thanks for those who took the trouble to make this available.

I am the Secretary Treasurer of the Early Times Chapter, POCI. Anyone wishing a sample copy of our monthly newsletter, ETCetera, please just send me an e-mail. I will e-mail a copy of the last issue.


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