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1939 Zephyr Zephyr Convertible at Barrett-Jackson, January, 2008

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If you get Hemmings, no doubt you have already seen this in the Barrett-Jackson insert. This appears to be in the "no reserve" auction section. This looks like an unusual color to me.

Additional photos may be available at:

www.barrett-jackson.com but I'm unable to disable my pop-up blocker at this time. If there really ARE additional photos available, please post them - I'd like to look at them.



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Thanks for posting the photos Cecil.

I don't know why I was unable to download them. My dial-up line is soooo slow and I'm having trouble with the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.

I wonder if this car is ready for a BIG auction? It looks like "some assembly is required". It will be interesting to see what it brings at B-J.

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