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signal stat turn signal wiring diagram- help please


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I found a signal-stat turn signal kit for my 1946 6-volt truck. The wiring diagram was not included. The thing has about 10 wires and I have been able to make the turn signals work, but I need the diagram to make the small signal indicator lights work. If anyone has a copy please post a response or e-mail a copy to gvg@cct.infi.net<BR>Thanks much!

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Greenie,<P> It would help to know which series or model number you have. Is it a 900 or a older 700 series? It will state that on the face plate. I may have the wiring diagrams if you let me knowm, as the wire coloring is different thru the years. Most all of them come with a 12-V bulb in the pilot indicator lamp. You'll need to disassemble and install a #51 bulb for it to work with 6-volts. Also, just how many wires are there exactly? It will matter.<P>Rick

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