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Well thank you Steve, I thought it was pretty bitchin' in 1955 too, I had struggled and scrimped as a newly married barber in LA, making $60-$75 a week, to buy this Connie for $400.00, they were bringing big money even in those days, and although this one had been modified quite a bit, it was a big price for a '41 car then. No one wanted Zephyr's at all then, so I was able to buy this non running '41 club coupe with 35K miles for $35.00, a gorgeous spode green car with an immaculate interior, I put a hopped up V-12 that I had in it, and street raced it for some years, the '27 model T roadster was also one of my favorite cars, and I later restored it, and hopped up the 'T engine. So for a short time in 1955, I had all 3 of my favorite cars, the Connie, a '41 club coupe, and a '27 T roadster, a wistful memory on this Dec 7th, when I had it all, and didn't even know it, or hang on to it, pitiful indeed!!

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