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Last call on 70 Riviera parts and pieces

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The 70 Riviera parts car is about ready to go to the scrap heap. First, to obvious questions which have been asked before. No, the trim is not pristine (it's a parts car). Most parts are driver quality, not show quality (if show quality it wouldn't be a parts car). Yes, the trim has dings and no, it's not perfect. (Sorry for the sarcasm but some folks expect a lot out of a parts car)

1. 4 Buick drums in good condition; $50 each OBO

2. Bucket seats in remarkable condition considering the length of time the car was parked. White, can be used as is with a bit of cleaning but they function and the driver seat is power. Neither seat is ripped, just a bit dirty.; $100 each, negotiable.

3. Rear seat in adequate condition. Unripped, but the springs on the bottom of the seat bottom have quite a bit of rust though not rusted through. Also, mice/rats lived in the bottom of the seat though they did not eat up the seat itself. (I'll send you pictures, they take up too much room here)

4. I was asked about the skirts. Wide style skirts in very good condition with some bubbling on one. Mechanisms work well.

rivi skirts.jpg 5. Sheetmetal/floorpans are in great shape all throughout. PM me if you are interested.

6. Any front suspension parts are in good, though dirty, condition. PM me with your needs.

If you have other needs, let me know. This will go to the scrap yard after the first of the year to make room for a paint booth.



rivi seat 2.jpg

rivi backseat top.jpg

rivi back seat bottom.jpg

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