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Guest Greg Ross

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Guest Greg Ross

Set out for a long road trip a week ago Sunday, fueled up and cleared all the Trip data. Early on the second day out I noticed the Trip Meter reverted to "0" at somewhere around 650 miles. Was at first annoyed with myself for whatever I'd done to loose the total accumulated distance. Gave it no further thought until later that day it "0'ed" again, same thing, around 650 miles. My intermediate destination was Destin, Fla.and it was at that point that the Light came on;<BR>With the assistance of a calculator, twas a simple matter of "average Speed" times "accumulated Time"<BR>As I recall the data was 33 and a 1/2 hours at an average speed of 66 mph for a distance travelled of 2201 miles. And "Betsy Blue" worked flawlessly! 208,000 miles and counting.<BR>Fuel economy showed approximately 24 MPG which I thought was very respectible for a laden car.

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