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1965 Dynamic 88


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Hi everyone,

I just got a 1965 Olds Dynamic 88 convertible in the garage to restore for a friend. I need things like tail lights, both rear lower quarters, RF fender lower quarter, grill, straight front bumper. I need to find a source for interior bits like the chrome shift selector knob. Any ideas, links or people I can contact? I went through the SEMA website and Hemmings. Can find a little here and there, some highly over priced junk yards in AZ. Tons of Cutlass stuff.



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I see NOS 1965 88 taillights frequently on ebay. The sheetmetal is either get desert parts or fabricate it, but the good part is the areas you need to fix are fairly straight and simple pieces. The shifter will be easier to replace as a unit instead of just the knob.

60s big Oldses are a double edged sword. Except for Starfires, parts are fairly cheap because of low demand. Because of low demand, nobody thinks the parts are worth salvaging.

Let me get back home and I'll go thru my sources. There's folks out there who deal in quality stuff and won't bend you over for it.

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