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TC Projects and Seat Removal


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Does anyone know what the link to the TC Projects web page is? I had it saved in my Favorites, but just clicked on it and it does not work.

Also, I just removed the console from my car. It was way more work than I thought it was going to be. It has taken me about a month. Of course most of the time I was not working on it. I just hope that I can get it back together.

Also, I am trying to remove the passenger front seat. Another royal pain. I have removed four bolts thus far. Three in front and one in back on passenger side. There appears to be a large phillps screw holding down the rest of the seat on left rear. Trying to access this screw looks like another big pain.

I am just venting. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Craig Murphy, New Braunfels, Texas (approx. 30 miles north of San Antonio).

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Hi Craig,

Simple seat removal = Remove standard size phillips screws in plastic beauty covers.(they screw in on an angle down and toward the seat).. Move seat either forward or back to make room to line up screw driver on screws correctly.. Remove covers (the long one takes a little wiggle and twist to release it and have enough room to slide)

Seat screws: From the factory there are 2 front and 2 back bolts/screws facing down (Nuts are part of the car)slide the seat all the way back, remove 2 front screws(1 on the front of each seat track),, slide the seat all the way forward, remove 2 back screws (same size as the front, and 1 on the end of each track),, Tip seat away from you and toward the back, reach under and seperate both electric connectors, Lift out seat from car.. If someone in the past has put some other kind of fastener in place of the standard bolts you will have to figure it out.. If my memory serves these bolts are 5/16"

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Lou's instructions are spot on. Just removed the 205lb Lazyboys from mine and replaced them with 12lb seats. Every bit of weight I remove makes the car a lot more fun to drive. It is much cheeper to remove weight than to make more horsepower. An old racing thing.




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